Commission a Portrait of Your Loved Ones



Would you like to commission a portrait?

It is a multi step process, a joint effort between you and me.


First you decide on the medium and the size.

Acrylic paintings are on canvas and when framed, increase by only the dimensions of the frame.

Watercolor and other mediums are created on paper and are framed under glass with a mat separating the portrait from the glass. The mat will add between four to eight inches to the framed portrait, plus the width of the frame, creating a larger finished product.

Size - Price

Acrylic – when framed, overall size increases by the width of the frame

                8x8”,    8x10"  -   $ 150

               9x12", 12X12”  -   $ 250

               11x14”  -               $ 350

               16x20”  -               $ 500

               20x24”  -               $ 650

Watercolor, pen & ink, pen-ink & wash, or graphite

Works on paper are usually framed with a mat, so overall size increases by the width of the mat and of the frame

                                                          Watercolor         Pen & Ink, Ink & Wash, Graphite

              5x7” image fits an 8x10” frame  -      $ 90 $  90

              6x9” image fits a 9x12” frame    -     $ 150   $ 125

              7x11” image fits an 11x14” frame -   $ 250   $ 200

              10x14” image fits a 16x20” frame -   $ 350   $ 300

              14x18” image fits a 20x24” frame -   $ 400   $ 350

              16x20" image fits a 22x26" frame -   $ 500   $ 400

Send me your photos

The better the photo, the easier it is for me to capture the expression and soul of the subject. A good photo shows the eyes clearly, not just as black holes. Highlights and shadows on the face help me to understand the structure under the skin and create a dimensional image, rather than a flat, washed out object. Digital photos are easy to email plus I can frequently 'find' more information in them by enhancing on my computer.

If you are taking the photos, please work outside, with the sun at your back, in the subject’s face.

Get close to the subject. Try to stand only three or four feet from the subject.

Get down to their level or raise them up to your eye level, especially for small animals and children.

If photographing a dark subject or an dog with bushy eyebrows, use a flash in addition to the sunlight.

Photos taken indoors with a flash generally do not provide enough contrasts to make a good portrait.

The most pleasing angle for either a human or pet portrait is with the head turned slightly away from the camera and the nose tiltedslightly downwards. Much nicer than looking up into the nose.

If you live near Winston Salem, NC, contact me to arrange a photo shoot if you would like me to take the photos.

Check these sample photos and those in the 'Portraits - People & Animals' gallery for ideas. 


Upon receiving your photos, I will contact you and let you know if I can work from them, or suggest ways to take a better photo.

Once the medium and size of the portrait have been decided, I will request a deposit of 25% of the total price.

You can pay by check or PayPal.


When I receive the deposit, I will create a detailed pencil sketch in the size of the finished portrait and send you a copy.

Once you have determined that I’ve caught the character of the subject and approved the sketch, another 25% is due.

If adjustments or corrections are needed, this is the time.

Actual Portrait

When you have approved the sketch, I will create the color portrait and again send you a copy for approval.

I will work with you, to the extent that the medium can be altered, until you are completely satisfied with your portrait.

When you are happy with the finished portrait, the remainder of the cost is due.

I will ship the finished portrait to you unframed. 

The cost of shipping is included in the portrait price.

The full process can take several weeks to two months, depending on my commission load.

If you are considering a portrait as a Christmas gift, I will need it by September.

Please contact me with any questions or special requests.